How Pixar made Monsters University, its latest technological marvel

Inside the building is a data center full of humming servers — double the size that the company used in the past — that would be considered one of the top 25 supercomputers in the world. The 2,000 computers have more than 24,000 cores. The data center is like the beating heart behind the movie’sFortsæt læsning “How Pixar made Monsters University, its latest technological marvel”

Google Glass

Jeg håber at Google Glass ender med kun at kunne genkende brugerens stemme. Så kan nedenstående undgåes. marc blank-settle (@MarcSettle) 27/04/13 18.08 An amusingly different take on Google Glass. I admit, it’s very tempting! via @jamesrbuk Med venlig hilsen Jimmy Hartington IT-ansvarlig/Grafiker jh Direkte 46 98 16 12 Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk Stagehøjvej 27Fortsæt læsning “Google Glass”